Early elections must be taken off the agenda – Kelemen

Early elections must be taken off the agenda – Kelemen

Early elections must be taken off the agenda prior to the presidential consultation, says Hunor Kelemen, leader of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ).

“We need to see what the country needs right now. There would be a need for a coalition government until the end of the year, but of course this would mean that such a coalition should be formed that could imagine cooperation after the elections as well,” Kelemen said, adding that there would be a need for long-term thinking, but for the moment, there is a complete distrust between political parties, and it is very hard to reach a cooperation.

“I would think it justifiable [to work together] since there are issues that need to be solved within the next weeks to months,” Kelemen said. “Otherwise, we’ll have a crawling government that cannot stand on its own two feet. I would gradually exclude early elections as a possible solution because Parliament would pass it sooner or later. But if there is no minimal consensus majority, or support close to a majority, then it would progress only in a crawling position until November elections, and this would not be OK. The country is facing economic problems, and a global epidemic is at the country’s borders. If there would be only this much to focus on, it would be enough to say that the magnitude of such tasks require a coalition government.”

Meanwhile, Romania has just had its first confirmed case of coronavirus.


Source: https://transylvanianow.com/

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