The special statute autonomous region of Szeklerland in Romania

The Democratic Alliance of Hungarian in Romania (RMDSZ/UDMR) has been a factor of political stability in Romania ever since the 1989 Revolution. Shoulder by shoulder with our fellow Romanian citizens, we have worked to build a democratic society in Romania well embedded into the international community.

The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania is firmly committed to continue the work begun two and a half decades ago, and now that Romanian society has made considerable progress towards a mature and stable society, we have put forward our concrete proposals for a regional autonomous statute for the Hungarian community living in Romania, based on the model of South Tirol in Italy.


In our draft proposal for the special statute of the autonomous region of the Szeklerland, we refer both to the provisions of the Alba Iulia Declaration from 1918, to the provisions of the international agreements Romania has signed in the last 25 years and to the Minority Statute from 1945, which is still in force in Romania.

This document will be  submitted for public debate and it describes both the process and the final institutional structure of the autonomous region, with the description of the competencies of each institution.


The document can be viewed HERE.