Transylvanian wines and beer in Europe

08.07.2016 | European Parliament , economy , European Union , Small and Medium Enterprises
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Transylvanian wines and beer in Europe

European policy makers participated at a Transylvanian wine and beer tasting in Strasbourg at the event organised by the European Parliamentary Association (EPA) following this week’s plenary session of the European Parliament. 

President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz held the opening speech at the informal event attended among others by Chairman of the European People’s Party Group Manfred Weber, South Tyrolean EPA President Herbert Dorfmann, or Renate Sommer, member of the EPP’s Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. "Some heard about Transylvania for the first time at this event, but from now on the name of my region will have a familiar ring to them. We wanted people to have a chance to experience some of the great products of Transylvania”, explained Csaba Sógor. 

"Besides protecting the rights of the Hungarian minority in Romania, bringing Transylvania to Europe was also a task I have undertaken with my mandate. Being present in the European Parliament gives us an opportunity to introduce ourselves and we must use every opportunity to show the cultural, linguistic, artistic, historical or culinary treasures of Hungarians in Romania”,said the RMDSZ MEP. 

Sógor believes these occasions are a good opportunity to attract our attention towards small and medium-sized enterprises, too, which deliver high quality products: "Europe's future will be built on these businesses, by showcasing their products, we also wanted to draw the attention of European decision-makers to them."