The exhibition on the Szeklers of Bukovina can also be seen at Zăbala

24.05.2015 | Covasna , Culture
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The exhibition on the Szeklers of Bukovina can also be seen at Zăbala

The Völgységi Museum of Bonyhád’s exhibition entitled “With my head held high - szeklers of Bukovina in Hungary - 1941-2011” was opened on Sunday at the Csángó Ethnographical Museum of Zăbala. The exhibition was earlier presented at the Fészek Tájház Museum in Siculeni, the Csíki Székely Museum in Miercurea-Ciuc and the Kriza János Ethnographic Society in Cluj-Napoca.    

The Csángó Ethnographical Museum of Zăbala, Covasna County opened 12 years ago, and the bulk of the currently exhibited materials are the work of local ethnographer Ferenc Pozsony, president of the Kriza János Ethnographical Society of Cluj-Napoca. The museum showcases permanent and temporary exhibitions and artefacts related to the Csángó culture.


The exhibition was opened by Krisztina Csibi, director of the Hungarian House of Budapest, who helped curate the material of the exhibition, which is based on photographs and documents collected from Szekler families over several years by the National Alliance of Szeklers from Bukovina.


MEP Csaba Sógor said at the opening event: the 250 years of history of the szekler people in Bukovina teaches us about the respect for our native land, because the Szeklers never forgot where they were born and where they came from, no matter where life took them. “The Szeklers of Bukovina remind us of our eastern heritage, of the values that are still present in the life of the Szeklers today: sacrifice, discipline, and the power of the community” – said the MEP who believes that preserving these values means preserving our culture.


The RMDSZ MEP also pointed out: knowing our history and preserving our traditional values can only be complete if there are and will be civil initiatives similar to the Csángó Ethnographical Museum.


Katalin Thiesz and the Dezső family sang folk songs at the event.