The Council of the Alliance’s Representatives held its meeting in Sfantu Gheorghe

17.01.2012 | DAHR
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On December 17, the Council of the Alliance’s Representatives was held in Sfantu Gheorghe, where the DAHR strategy proposal for Internal Diaspora as well as the strategy for implementation of political measures of families was adopted. At the beginning of the meeting, the “Silver Pine” award was distinguished.

DAHR president Kelemen Hunor awarded Deputy Prime Minister Marko Bela, former executive president Takacs Csaba, as well as Professor Varga Karoly from Deva with the newly established Center for School, Education and Culture “Teglas Gabor” award, for their efforts and results in promoting native language education in the diasporas.

In his political report, president Kelemen started by thanking the Covasna organization for the hospitality in hosting the meeting, as well as the other 17 sideline programs with the participation of officials and specialists, demonstrating the power and the capacity of the Alliance.

At the beginning of his speech, Kelemen Hunor stated, that the last meeting of the CAR in this year is also the time of balance. Still “we don’t have to forget about the future: we have to plan 2012, we have to determine the direction, the path, since there will be elections next year, as you all know we will have local and parliamentary elections at the same time.”

The president’s report also underlined the realizations and failures of the past year. “We leave behind a difficult year, which started with a congress, and it was determinating for the organization. We continued our governmental activity even when the economic crisis showed its effects globally. We were not able to provide the necessary funding for our local authorities, but still they were capable to continue the current investment woks.”

- The “Transylvanian Consultation” program, initiated by the Alliance offered us the possibility to get a feedback of our work from several thousand Hungarian families. The results are encouraging, although there still are problems. However, the conclusion of the consultation was that we have to continue our work. The people consider it important to have parliamentary representation, and benefic the governmental activity of the DAHR. The effects of the economic crisis were felt also in the results of the consultation, the people reordered their values, the social problems, and issues like jobs, incomes, and pensions became first. This is a natural consequence, and the Alliance has to change according to these needs. – underline president Kelemen.

The president of the Alliance also stressed the dynamic work of the General Secretariat, which moves the entire structure forward. He also underlined, that in the next period, all local organizations will have to prepare for the upcoming elections. “We will be in a difficult situation, since all newly and older established Hungarian political organizations will enter the political battle. Nobody should be impressed by the hypocrite declarations of some about cooperation. These parties will enter the competition by themselves, since it is obvious, that this is the plan of whoever constitutes a party. We can rely on our force only, and I reaffirm what everybody already knows: the front door of the Alliance is open for anyone.” – added Kelemen Hunor.

Although the DAHR does not agree the modifications of the election law, or the merging of the local and parliamentary elections, it has accepted the proposal of the governmental partner. President Kelemen also reminded about the debates around the seat of the President of the Senate. “We have agreed to support the PD-L candidate for the seat in the Senate and in return we will nominate the Secretary General of the Government. This way, we will earn a position that, until now, was always filled by a person from the prime ministers party. This decision started the revolt of the opposition” – stated the president. “We are not betrayers, we have never forsaken any of our allies, until we had a partnership with them. At the same time, some Democrat-Liberal colleagues also got angry with us, because we have not approved their regionalization proposal, or that of the modification of the Constitution, more ever, we were against the vote trough correspondence. If both sides get angry with us, it means that we are on the right track. We bear in mind the interests of the Hungarian community. We are not slaves in a colony, we do not obey, and we do not follow orders. The Alliance is not an organization like that.” – stressed the president of the Alliance.

Kelemen Hunor also presented the realizations of the past year, especially the law on education, the Koganliceanu kard, through which several thousand Hungarian investors benefit of support, the fact that the pensions were not reduced because of the interventions of the DAHR, or that the disadvantageous minimal rate for the slam enterprises was eliminated.

“My proposal for 2012 is that all local and regional, governmental and parliamentary representatives of the Alliance continue their work in solidarity, strengthening the confidence in our organization.” – stated Kelemen Hunor at the end of his speech.