Social inclusion and fairness need to be promoted

15.01.2014 | European Parliament , Social
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Social inclusion and fairness need to be promoted

RMDSZ MEP Csaba Sógor took part in several report debates at this year’s first plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.  

On Tuesday, 14 January, the EP adopted Lithuanian socialist MEP Vilija Blinkeviciute’s own initiative report entitled Social protection for all, including self-employed workers. In the elaboration of the document DAHR MEP Csaba Sógor was shadow rapporteur on behalf of the European Peoples Party.


The Transylvanian MEP pointed out the abuses of social security systems in many member states. The video recording and the text of his speech can be found here:


"The traditional social security systems in Europe are meant to protect the employees, but they are difficult to apply in the case of the self employed freelancers or small and medium entrepreneurs. It is important that we ensure that these services are available to the most vulnerable groups: the self-employed, the disabled, women or the retirees. Social protection is the basis of the European social model. The Parliament approved a resolution in 2010 granting basic rights to every employee in Europe, regardless of their status, but we can see abuses concerning these rights in several member states. The frequent circumventions of tax and social security payment rules undermine labour law and threaten the self-employed, who already face hardship caused by the economic crisis. In this sense it is mandatory to promote social inclusion and fairness."