Romania and Bulgaria would appreciate the manifestation of European solidarity when it comes to their accession to the Schengen Area

09.09.2015 | European Parliament
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Romania and Bulgaria would appreciate the manifestation of European solidarity when it comes to their accession to the Schengen Area

MEP Iuliu Winkler (EPP, UDMR), salutes the declaration of the European Commission (EC) President, Jean-Claude Juncker, in his speech concerning the "State of the Union", related to his determination not to allow the abolition of the Schengen system.

"I salute the determination of President Juncker, who affirmed that the Schengen system will not be abolished during the mandate of this Commission. I would have saluted it with even more vigour, if this would have been followed by firm assurances given to Romania and Bulgaria regarding their accession to the free movement area", stated the UDMR MEP in his written declaration handed to the EP Plenary in Strasbourg, which debated the EC President´s speech in its Wednesday meeting.

Iuliu Winkler showed that the solidarity besought today from Romania and Bulgaria in the refugee crisis evokes in the two Member States precisely the lack of solidarity with which these were treated in the matter of adhering to the Schengen area. "I agree completely with President Juncker statement that there is "a lack of Europe in the EU and there is a lack of Union in the EU". This is the reason behind the need of a new Europe in which, when we invoke solidarity, we base ourselves on solidarity previously shared. I believe that the solidarity asked from states in the east of Europe to assume compulsory quotas for the relocation of refugees, evokes, in Romania and Bulgaria, precisely the lack of solidarity with which we were treated in the accession process to the Schengen area, due to political reasons not linked with fulfilling the criteria present in the Agreement", stressed the MEP in his declaration.

Iuliu Winkler further considers that the message of the 2014 European elections, similarly to today, is that that there is need for a new Europe. "The image contoured by the "State of the Union" speech today is that of a new Europe, as desired by its citizens. It is important to act now, and the EP has to be at the forefront of change, the engine of building a new Europe of solidarity", further affirmed the UDMR MEP in his address.  

The "State of the Union" speech is the fifth of its kind, held by an EC President before the EP´s Plenary. The tradition of holding such a speech was inaugurated by the Commission´s previous chief, Jose Manuel Barroso; today´s address was however the first given by Jean-Claude Juncker, in his position as President of the EC which was assembled after the 2014 European elections.