Resolution of the Permanent Council of RMDSZ

27.11.2014 | Restitution , Mikó Case
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Resolution of the Permanent Council of RMDSZ

The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) is baffled and outraged by the definitive decision of the Ploiești Court of Appeal, which sentenced Attila Markó,  Member of the Romanian Parliament to three years of prison with probation.

The Permanent Council of the RMDSZ firmly believes that the ruling is unjust to the Reformed Church, to those who enforced the law, and to the victims of the nationalization process of the communist regime. The sentence creates a perilous precedent, which may lead to voiding the decisions made so far in the restitution process, and puts everything that the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania has achieved in the last two decades in jeopardy.


Since its foundation the RMDSZ has militated for the restitution of confiscated and nationalized properties, often fighting against a very strong political resistance. Though the restitution process is far from being complete, several properties have been returned to their rightful owners, and to the churches, due to the work of the RMDSZ. This is one of the issues officials of the Alliance have been working on since 1990. Mr MP Attila Markó has been working in this process, and he has helped the restitution of more than 1000 nationalized church properties during his political career. The final court ruling not only unjustly convicted Attila Markó, but also re-nationalized the building of the Székely Mikó College from the municipality of Sfântu-Gheorghe.


We assure those affected by the restitution process, as well as the public, that the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania will do everything possible to ensure that the case of the Mikó-trial is made known to the international public. We're also urge the Hungarian historical Churches, the civil society and the entire Hungarian community of Romania to express their solidarity!


Permanent Council

November 27th 2014