Opening of Szeklerland's Representative Office in Brussels

07.06.2011 | Brussels , Szeklerland
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Opening of Szeklerland's Representative Office in Brussels

Due to the high level of interest for the event, the opening ceremonies of Szeklerland’s Representative Office in Brussels took place on two different venues and days. On the 31st of May László Tőkés, the Vice-President of the EP and MEPs Gyula Winkler and Csaba Sógor hosted a reception in the European Parliament, while the actual opening of the office took place on the 1st of June at the Representation of the Regions of Hungary in Brussels.

The organizers and their supporters came under Romanian institutional scrutiny because of the event.

The public was welcomed to the event in the EP by informative billboards and a live folk dance presentation. Following introductions made by Vice-President László Tőkés and DAHR’s MEP Csaba Sógor, Presidents of the County Councils of Covasna and Harghita Counties, Romania, Sándor  Tamás and Csaba Borboly  greetings to the guests.

In his speech, Csaba Sógor referred to the Szeklers as a military nation and made reference to their century old border-guard and liaison traditions. He said that the Representative Office of Szeklerland in Brussels is a bridge between Romania and Hungary, Europe and the Szeklers, Europe and Asia and between the civic society and politics. He also made reference to the potential that lies within the office’s activity. He stressed that it is very important that Szeklerland is located at the center of Transylvania and Romania. Sógor quoted Prince Charles of Wales, who, on a recent visit to the area said that Szeklerland could become the driving force behind the country’s development in many areas and it could play an important economic and touristic role as well.

The MEP finally conveyed the messages sent by Romanian Minister of Culture Hunor Kelemen and Vice-Prime-Minister Béla Markó who saluted the initiative and made statements of support on behalf of DAHR.