Iuliu Winkler supports the expansion of the EP's jurisdiction

14.09.2011 | European Parliament
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Iuliu Winkler supports the expansion of the EP's jurisdiction

Iuliu Winkler member of the European Parliament on behalf of the RMDSZ - Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania is in favor of extending the jurisdiction of the European Parliament as to facilitate the displacement of sovereignty from the member states to Brussels to better serve the interests of the EU's 500 million citizens.

"We require an European Parliament with a broader range of influence capable of guiding European integration efforts in the light of democratic principles, as the gradual replacement of sovereignty can only be guaranteed by on institution which is directly elected by the citizens of the EU. Therefore, the consolidation of EU integration will best serve the interests of its citizens" - stated Iuliu Winkler in a written statement put down on Wednesday. During the week's plenary meeting in Strasbourg, attended by José Manuel Barroso among others, he will debate the Euro Zone's current status in the backdrop of the economic crisis.

The EP representative of RMDSZ stressed in his written disclosure the fact that the European Union not only has to absorb sovereign debts and deal with overall lack of confidence, but is faced with the choice of deepening the integration process or regressing.
"We have reached a crossroad where we have to decide whether to continue our project aimed at further enhancing the European economic integration, the expansion of the Common Market, consolidating the Economic and Monetary Union, or to allow the vision for a Unified Europe to be clouded by populist, extremist and conservative convictions" - stressed Iuliu Winkler with the belief that the current crisis needs to be addressed with a consensual stand point not with mere national reactions.

"We need immediate action: regarding the implementation of institutions for lunching the package of measures aimed at economic governance. Concomitantly, we need a European Government which, in first instance, will function in the range of the Euro-Zone" - pointed out the representative.
On Wednesday, the European Parliament hosted a debate on the issues of instruments for urgent assistance, (e.g. the EU's mechanisms of crisis management) and the measures for long term stability as well as the EU legislation.
Iuliu Winkler firmly embraces the expansion of the EP's jurisdiction.