Ensuring a future for the youth

12.07.2014 | Youth , European Union
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Ensuring a future for the youth

Photo: Tamás Bethlendi

RMDSZ MEP Csaba Sógor spoke at the 11th EU Youth Camp at Izvoru-Mureș on Saturday, 12th of June.  

In his lecture, the MEP pointed out that according to a world-wide survey measuring happiness, Denmark is the happiest country on earth, followed by Norway, Finland and the Netherlands. „These countries are also at the top of the list measuring economic competitiveness. This means that the level of happiness of the residents of a state is directly proportional to how economically competitive that state is. The key to a happy population is thus sustainable growth.” – said the MEP. Sógor added: “The level of a community’s happiness is raised by social cohesion and trust, the situation of the healthcare system and the labour market in the country, together with a low level of corruption.


These are the areas we should focus on when we talk about the future of Europe”, explained Csaba  Sógor, pointing out that following the economic crisis many theories came into being concerning the economic system that would offer the best responses to our present challenges. „According to Christian economists, we need a civil economy based not only on the principle of profit, but also on mutuality”, remarked the MEP, advising the young participants to travel and learn a lot and try to focus not only on their own happiness and success, but also on the happiness of their community.