Csaba Sógor: Young people should use more the EU learning and development opportunities available to them

05.12.2016 | Youth , European Union
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Csaba Sógor: Young people should use more the EU learning and development opportunities available to them

Youth leaders and Hungarian youth organizations in Transylvania play an important role in promoting the learning opportunities available to young people in the European Union – stated Csaba Sógor in Cluj-Napoca, where he met with youth leaders on Saturday, December 3rd. 

“It is important that as many young people as possible learn about the opportunities and experience what Erasmus +, the Europe for Citizens or the Creative Europe Programme have to offer. They all play an important role in the education and training of young people, in developing their language skills, raising their cultural sensitivity and promoting the idea of European citizenship", pointed out Csaba Sógor. The present youth leaders agreed with the MEP that youth mobility within Europe has improved a lot lately, due in part to Erasmus +, and thanks to the European Voluntary Service (EVS) youth mobility has spread even beyond the borders of Europe.


In the experience of Tamás Enyedi, president of the Cluj County youth organisation KIFOR our society is increasingly more open to the idea of voluntary work, though there is still much to be done in this regard. "Two years ago the Romanian Parliament has adopted a legislative proposal of MIÉRT, the Hungarian youth organisation in Romania, which is a member of the European People’s Party’s youth organisation, YEPP. The bill states that voluntary work can be categorised as professional experience. The legal framework is in place. However, for its practical implementation we need employers and young people to learn about this  opportunity" – stated the KIFOR president, who stands for elections on the 11th of December and is third on the list of candidates of the RMDSZ for the Chamber of Deputies in Cluj Cunty.


During the meeting representatives of youth and student organizations received first-hand information about the European Parliament's internship opportunities, and the trainee programme in the office of MEP Csaba Sógor. "An experience like this is a significant competitive advantage during a job interview. That is why I say that young people should take the EU learning and development opportunities available to them" – said the MEP. Csaba Sógor stated that it is a priority of the RMDSZ to make Transylvania attractive for young people. The RMDSZ prepares for the upcoming December 11th elections with an ambitious new political agenda and many new and young candidates. The MEP urged young people to go out and vote, saying: "Transylvania's future and your future depends on these elections. Don’t let others decide in your stead."