Csaba Sógor: the unresolved issues of the Hungarian community are regarded as taboo in Romania

28.04.2015 | European Parliament , protection of minority rights
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Csaba Sógor: the unresolved issues of the Hungarian community are regarded as taboo in Romania

In Romania there are subjects that even the president refrains from discussing – pointed out Csaba Sógor during the April 27th plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. 

During his speech on Monday the RMDSZ MEP spoke about last week’s public hearing on the protection of traditional national minorities organised in Brussels, and the Romanian president’s message at the 12th Congress of the RMDSZ, in the context that the paragraph on minority protection was later edited out of Klaus Johannis’s speech.


As is known, a public hearing was organised in the EP in Brussels on the 22nd of April regarding the protection of traditional national minorities. In connection with the event Csaba Sógor pointed out during the Strasbourg plenary session the experts' conclusion that further measures need to be taken by the Member States, particularly the ones that joined the EU after 2014, as there is a huge gap between what the legal frameworks for minority protection are meant to achieve and what happens in reality.”Romanian president Klaus Johannis also acknowledged the need for further actions to be taken in this regard in his message sent to the 12th Congress of the RMDSZ”- said the MEP.  As Sógor informed his colleagues, a few days later this paragraph was edited out of the presidential message. According to the MEP this was due to the fact that this part of the message was in sharp contrast with the official position that the Romanian state represents on an international level, according to which the issues of traditional national minorities have been resolved in an exemplary manner in Romania and no further steps need to be taken.


The president of Romania must be aware that this is certainly not the case, but it seems that the fact that the  Hungarian community is facing many unresolved issues is a subject that even the head of state refrains from addressing in Romania – explained  Csaba Sógor in the European Parliament plenary.