Csaba Sógor: the fear from minorities intensified in Europe

13.06.2015 | protection of minority rights , European Union
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Csaba Sógor: the fear from minorities intensified in Europe

The tension around the Ukrainian situation and the issue of refugees in Europe cast a shadow on the situation of autochthonous national minorities. As a result of recent events, the fear from minorities has intensified in Europe – said Csaba Sógor on Friday in Miercurea Ciuc.

The RMDSZ MEP held a seminar on the 12th June 2015 in the Town Hall of Miercurea Ciuc entitled: "Minority rights: more than human rights?".

In his introduction Csaba Sógor set out the current challenges of the EU: he spoke about the social ageing threatening Europe and mentioned the impact of immigration and the refugee crisis on the protection of minorities. "The situation of the ethnic minorities should have a common European response. This is well known by the EU institutions themselves. Still, we experience that the tensions around the Ukrainian situation and the refugee crisis caused an intensification of the fear from minorities, which does not have a positive influence on the situation of autochthonous national minorities" emphasized the RMDSZ MEP.

Dávid Veress, the host of the event asked from his guest what kinds of prospects there are for creating a common European minority protection regulation. Csaba Sógor replied: we have to convince the Members of the European Parliament that such a statutory regulation would have benefits not only on the relations between the majority and minority, but it would also result in other economic and social benefits. Every time we have the possibility, we try to demonstrate why it is important to protect ethnic minorities. This is our job. As what regards the question whether we are going to have a European minority protection regulation, the answer is yes, even though we are only at the beginning of this process", said Csaba Sógor.

On the question included in the name of the seminar, Csaba Sógor pointed out that, even though the EU does not recognize collective rights, still using one's native language and symbols and preserving our identity is problem that can be practiced within a community. It is important to ensure the preservation of minority communities not only through individual rights, but also through collective ones, added Csaba Sógor.