Csaba Sógor: Signatures demonstrate our communities’ problems are important

13.01.2018 | Ciuc
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Csaba Sógor: Signatures demonstrate our communities’ problems are important

Supporting the Minority Safepack initiative can prove that the 50 million EU citizens that belong to an ethnic or linguistic minority group are facing specific issues - said Csaba Sógor on his presentation in Csíkszereda, Romania. The RMDSZ MEP thinks that signatures demonstrate our communities’ problems are important and need to be analysed more thoroughly by the EU. The minority protection problem cannot be treated solely as a member state issue.

On Friday afternoon, 12 January Csaba Sógor was invited to speak in Csíkszereda on New ways of representing interests in the European Union. The MEP presented in detail the Minority Safepack European Citizens’ Initiative, a project of RMDSZ and FUEN organizations. He also requested from the audience to sign the petition. “The real action starts when as a result of the initiative the Commission begins a legislative process. When it comes to this, the members of the Parliament and the Council would have to be persuaded to support our cause. In recent years we’ve made continuous efforts to keep minority issues on the agenda” - explained the MEP. Csaba Sógor considers that raising greater awareness of the EU institutions and the European public opinion on minority problems is already a significant achievement.

In times when economic or migrant crisis are a real threat to Europe, it is a challenge to keep minority issues on the agenda - explained the MEP. He thinks that a breakthrough couldn’t be achieved just yet given the fact that the ultimate goal is still unaccomplished: the establishment of a legal framework for minority protection. However, chapters of minority protection could be introduced in several documents of the European People’s Party, the biggest political group in the EP. The RMDSZ politician thinks it’s an achievement that due to the Minority Safepack initiative the first hearing took place in the European Parliament regarding autochthonous minorities.