Csaba Sógor in Aiud: we encourage everyone to be a godparent

24.11.2017 | Holiday
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Csaba Sógor in Aiud: we encourage everyone to be a godparent

Today we draw attention to the need for devoted people. We are encouraging everyone to join this programme because families, talented young people and the Hungarian community in Transylvania as a whole have a lot to gain from it”, said Csaba Sógor on 24 November, Friday in the Bethlen Gábor College of Aiud, at the celebration of the “Godparent-programme” of the college.

MEP Csaba Sógor has been a godparent from the beginnings of the programme. The RMDSZ MEP supported two pupils who graduated successfully and at present has two other godchildren studying.

“Knowledge accompanies us for a long time. Some say that later on we only use half of the knowledge we acquire in school, but it is worth studying, because we never know which half it will be. Knowledge connects Hungarians around the world” said Csaba Sógor to the pupils of Aiud.

Ildikó Szőcs, director of the College handed diplomas as an act of gratitude to the supporters of the Godparent-programme. She told the audience: We started this programme with daring hope, we dreamt big, and also trusted that “life will rise from the ashes”.

As part of the event wreaths were placed to the Hungarian Martyrs’ Memorial statue made by Sándor Györfi from Karcag.