Csaba Sógor called for a regulatory framework on minority protection

24.11.2015 | European Parliament
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Csaba Sógor called for a regulatory framework on minority protection

There is still very much work to be done in terms of applying prescriptions on minority protection included in international conventions – said Csaba Sógor on Monday evening at the Strasbourg plenary session of the European Parliament, where he urged the institutions of the European Union to adopt a legally binding minority protection framework.

The RMDSZ MEP reminded his colleagues in the EP about the anniversary of two important European documents on the 23rd of November: it has been forty years since the adoption of the Helsinki Final Act on human rights, including minority rights, and twenty years since they have signed the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities in Strasbourg. 

Csaba Sógor pointed out in his speech: "This double jubilee is a good opportunity for us to draw a line and look at the results." In his opinion we should openly admit that several rights from the Framework Convention are simply not implemented in some of the signatory member states. “This situation could be helped if the institutions of the European Union adopted a legally binding framework for the protection of minorities. Though the initiative should come from the European Commission, the European Parliament, as the embodiment of the interests of European citizens, could put this issue forth” - said the MEP, adding: this issue directly affects around 40 million EU citizens, which makes it even more important that the EU address it.

 According to Csaba Sógor this matter is all the more unavoidable as the second article of the Treaty of the European Union includes among the rights on which the EU is based the respect for minority rights.