Csaba Sógor argued against geo-blocking audio-visual media content

06.02.2018 | European Parliament
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Csaba Sógor argued against geo-blocking audio-visual media content

“Citizens are offended when television providers limit access to a media service. Watching a sports game for instance shouldn’t be limited because of geocoding” - argued Csaba Sógor on the geo-blocking regulation voted on 6 February in the European Parliament.

The RMDSZ MEP highlighted during the Strasbourg plenary: “We do appreciate the efforts of the European Commission for the creation of a single digital market for copyright content, but the 50 million citizens of the European Union belonging to an ethnic or linguistic minority are not satisfied yet with the present changes of the regulation.”

The MEP from Transylvania pointed out to the plenary the importance of adjusting audio-visual media services policy to the needs of citizens, a principle also present in the Minority Safepack initiative. “The free broadcasting of media contents shouldn’t be obstructed by trade regulations that do not take into account member states’ linguistic and cultural diversity” - explained Sógor.