Csaba Sógor and Pál Csáky on the future of Europe

14.10.2016 | Cluj Napoca , European Parliament , European Union
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Csaba Sógor and Pál Csáky on the future of Europe

Members of the European Parliament Csaba Sógor and Pál Csáky debated about the transitioning Europe, the failings of multiculturalism, as well as the causes and consequences of the migration crises and the effects of Brexit. Hungarian MEP from Slovakia Csáky Pál arrived to Cluj-Napoca for the debate at the invitation of MEP Csaba Sógor. The event that took place on Friday, October 14th was hosted by Lutheran bishop Dezső Zoltán Adorjáni. 

"Sometimes the union seems to be a bit slow in making decisions; that’s because we seek consensus and we don’t immediately confront each other. We seek dialogue", said Csaba Sógor about the transitioning Europe. 

On Brexit Pál Csáky argued that it could weaken the European Union, but that Britain leaving Europe is not yet set in stone. In his opinion, British Prime Minister Theresa May made a good decision to decide for following through on the referendum. The negotiation of a favourable agreement with the EU will not be easy, however:  „Should a new referendum on a new agreement fail, there will probably be no exit in the end” – stated Pál Csáky.

Csaba Sógor elaborated: it is quite probable that the EU will do everything to reduce incentives for any other member state that would follow the example of the UK. In the opinion of the RMDSZ MEP the “divorce” will hurt both sides economically, which could ultimately change the minds of pro exit voters. Sógor does, however believe that Brexit could turn out to have political benefits, too: „Extreme pro-exit opinions seem to have gotten quieter as their leaders didn’t have a plan B after the referendum went their way. At the same time trust in democracy got stronger, as the pro EU leader sees through on exit negotiations, respecting the will of the people” – explained Csaba Sógor.