Conference on the importance of education in the mother tongue

07.04.2017 |
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Conference on the importance of education in the mother tongue

MEPs Andrea Bocskor, Andor Deli, Pál Csáky and Csaba Sógor organized a conference entitled Mother tongue vs state language - language issues in the European education systems on the 7th of March in the European Parliament. The opening speech was held by European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Navracsics Tibor, who pointed out during the speech: „Culture and language are bound together, and mother tongue education ensures the survival and prosperity of autochtonous national minorities in their homeland."

President of RMDSZ Kelemen Hunor talked about the situation of Hungarian schools before the 1989 revolution, which put an end to the communist dictatorship in Romania. He then reported on how many Hungarian educational institutions were founded or restarted since. President Kelemen highlighted the situation of the Roman-Catholic High School of Târgu-Mureș in his speech: the National Anti-corruption Agency commenced proceedings against the principal and the head of the county level inspectorate in November last year. The charges were abuse of power during the founding of the school. The politician stated: the proceedings of the anti-corruption agency made it impossible for the school to function and have virtually terminated the existence of the institution, despite the fact that there has been no instance of corruption. The educational institution has been founded according to the legislation in force, in the building that has been seized by the communist regime and rightfully restituted to the Roman-catholic Church. The European Union must obey the rule of law. It must adhere to the values which make Europe richer and more diverse. We cannot accept proceedings and measures that may look appealing at a first glance, but are in fact against minorities and human rights, infringe upon the right to private property, freedom of religion and the rule of law” – stated the president of the RMDSZ. 

RMDSZ MEP Csaba Sógor organises conferences every year around February 21, the International Mother Language Day. The aim of these events is to draw the attention of European decision makers to minority languages. During this event the MEP talked about the language issues in the European education systems. „10% of the population of the EU, over 55 million European citizens speak a minority language. The survival and culture of these communities are put at risk if they cannot use their mother tongue. This is why it is crucial, that educational institutions encourage teaching in the native language of these people, a right that indigenous national minorities in Europe have. This is the only way members of our communities can preserve their identities and their cultures”,  said the MEP.