Conference on the 10th anniversary of Romania’s accession to the EU

06.04.2017 |
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Conference on the 10th anniversary of Romania’s accession to the EU

On the 4th of March 2017, ten years after Romania’s succession to the European Union, MEP Csaba Sógor organized a conference for Hungarian young people from Transylvania.

At the invitation of the RMDSZ MEP Polner Gergely held a lecture at the event. Polner formerly worked at the EP, and he now works in London as head of a renowned UK Bank’s division for EU relations. The participants had the chance to learn about the position of the UK regarding Brexit and the processes that are expected to come after the UK leaves the EU. European Commission expert Komlóssy József – who has been lobbying for the past decades at an EU level for the issues of the Hungarian minority in Romania – gave first hand information on the role and impact of NGOs on diplomatic work. At a round table discussion former trainees of MEP Csaba Sógor, –  ex MP Molnár Zsolt, political analyst and employee of the Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis  Illyés Gergő, MEP assistant Virág István, and editor of the ETV Demeter Katalin – talked about minority protection issues form an EU perspective, and about the 10 year long EU membership of our country. 

We wanted to organize an event where we can have lectures and also free discussions, to look back to the last 10 years, and think about where we stand in the EU integration process and what role we have in the European family” – stated Csaba Sógor after the event.

The RMDSZ MEP organised several youth seminars during the past years. He expressed the importance he gives to allowing young people to come together from time to time, to think together and debate about the problems our community is facing. „We try to bring together young people, who share the same interests, and want to take part in the public life of our community. It is vital to the future of the Hungarian community of Romania to have a lively cooperation between the members of its younger generation” – said Csaba Sógor.