Community leaders from Háromszék/Trei Scaune visited the European Parliament

23.11.2018 | European Parliament
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Community leaders from Háromszék/Trei Scaune visited the European Parliament

Women from Háromszék, who are actively working to achieve community goals, visited the European Parliament on Thursday. Csaba Sógor hosted the members of the RMDSZ Women’s Organization of Háromszék in Brussels.

According to the RMDSZ MEP, for Hungarians in Romania it is very important to have active community members who are committed to community affairs. “The Women’s Organization has proven its significance in community-building, the ladies are working very actively. The purpose of their visit is to support them, so they could experience the operations of the European Parliament. We are confident that the experiences will shape the activity of the organization”- explained Csaba Sógor.

During the Women’s Organization visit to the European Parliament, Csaba Sógor provided information about measures being supported by the EU, to create and improve equal opportunities for women in the field of politics, economy and family life. The issue of gender equality is on the agenda of the European Union from the very beginning. Between 1957-1975 the gender pay gap was in the focus of the legislators. The years up to the turn of the century this topic was extended and the focus has been broadened on equal treatment in policy-making processes and in most sectors of employment.

Csaba Sógor explained: after the turn of the century, equal opportunity measures and proposals started to affect other social groups, like Roma. The RMDSZ MEP invited MEP Livia Járóka for a conversation, who is additionally Vice-President of the European Parliament and member of the Committee on Women’s Right and Gender Equality ( FEMM). The visitor group could get a first hand European perspective on the situation of Roma, with the help of MEP Livia Járóka.  

The RMDSZ Women’s Organization of Háromszék is one of the most active members of the National RMDSZ Women’s Organization in Romania. They have been working for five years now to bring together local community-builder women and strengthen women’s community thinking and acting throughout this. Ágnes Ájgel, the President of the Women’s Organization of Háromszék said they are eager to create opportunities for women who are actively working in local communities in order to continuously train them and offer them the possibility to get a different perspective.